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Play mystery alien slots in 2021

Play mystery alien slots in 2021

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Play mystery alien slots in 2021

Are you up to date with the latest news? NASA published in 2021 photos of real aliens. Therefore, the theme of this review will be relevant as never before.

Alien Slots is a special thematic game in which all the topics are devoted to the theme of space and alien. This type of games can be attributed to thematic ones, which have a certain genre and even plot. Now there are a huge number of slots and other games with completely different themes and designs. The most popular slots topics this year are slots on the Egyptian theme, slots with magic creatures and magic. Alien games are special slots whose design is based on films about aliens and are made in the image of an unearthly and cosmic one.

Choosing slots for a pleasant game, you should pay attention to what percentage of RTP is indicated on the slot. And also on its manufacturer. The quality of the game itself will depend on this. In this review we will point out and show the most popular video slots related to the topic of aliens and tell you by what criteria it is worth choosing the right game, on which game portals to look for these same games, how to correctly distribute your bets on slots for an exact victory, and also tell you a proven way how to get the most out of the game. We’ll tell you some of the main life hacks used by players with great gaming experience for new achievements in casino levels and more.

And now we will tell you the main classification and how best to get a win from a casino.

1Aliens by NetEnt Play Now!
2Alien Autopsy by OpenBetPlay Now!
3Pharaohs and Aliens by BF Gaming Play Now!
4Cowboys & Aliens by IGT Play Now!
5Alien Spinvasion by Rival Play Now!

Download new aliens slot machine 

All video games and slots can be attributed to different categories. In fact, as many slots and games exist in the world, there are so many varieties of games and other things. We will give as an example only a few basic categories, for which Alien slots are usually chosen.

The first and probably the most basic sign by which I distinguish games is …

Technical characteristics 

According to the technical characteristics of the game, they are divided in turn into several more categories. Now the most leading slots are games that are made in 3D quality. In addition to them, there are also classic 2D, as well as games made in HTML5 technology, which is the latest and most modern. Together with her, the games look very impressive and of high quality even on the mobile version of the phone or on any PC screen.

In addition, each slot also has its own sound effects. In alien slots, this will certainly be a cosmic sound or catchy melody. Therefore, we advise you to play it yourself.


As for the interface, here the slots vary not only in the quality and technique of their manufacture, but also in style and design. Hence it is worth making the fact that there are games with several paylines and several reels. All of them are displayed on the game panel of the slot. They say that the more paylines, the higher the chance of victory, since bets can now be placed on several of them.

Now for the characters and combinations of games. As a rule, the combination of each slot is unique, often something similar.

The images on the slots are completely different, depending on the subject of the game. Alien slots have icons with images of aliens, planets, asteroids and stars. All this gives a completely new feeling and gives its players an unforgettable atmosphere of the game. And sound effects add even more atmosphere to the gameplay.


Now, you can find games on completely different topics. Slots on a magical theme, ancient cultural, sports, cinema, with animals, floral and fruit. Space-themed slots are as popular as fruit slots, which are among the most popular on the online gaming market. Classic cherries, which have always been considered victorious, still fuel interest in fruit slots. There is also a video game just with numbers where the victory depends on the drop-down numbers. Classic 777 or 888 always bring victory, right?


A special kind of slots, which provides an opportunity to hit a huge jackpot. These are special types of games where bets are saved and accumulated. All that is needed is for one player to place a bet and good luck will smile on him. Thus, one player in March 2021, luck smiled, and he received a jackpot of $ 16 million.

What alien slots you should try 

You can find alien slots from the leading gaming providers such as NetEnt, Microgaming, RTG, OpenBet, Booming Games, Rival, Playtech and many others. Now we will give examples of the five most popular and best slots, with the image of aliens and space from the best gaming manufacturers.

  1. Aliens by NetEnt is probably one of the best games in which there are images of strangers. In appearance, the slot is very reminiscent of even a special computer game, which was shot on the film. The game pleases its RTP players in 96% and 15 paylines. The jackpot is 1000 conventional units. You will definitely be delighted with this slot even as soon as you watch the trailer for the game.
  2. Alien Autopsy by OpenBet – A classic example of a slot in which there are 15 paylines and unique symbols with the image of space and unearthly people. There are also Scatter and Wild symbols that make the game even more interesting as they increase the jackpot and give free spins as a bonus.
  3. Pharaohs and Aliens by BF Games – A special slot for fans of not only Alien, but also the themes of ancient Egypt. A unique game, as it combines two popular and relevant topics at all times. The game provides all kinds of bonus symbols, but it is not a progressive slot.
  4. Cowboys & Aliens by IGT – here the player can bet on 9 paylines. The slot is made in the likeness of a film that is made just on the theme of cowboys and aliens. In the form of Scatters and Wild symbols, there are alien and cowboy icons on the screen that give you privileges if they drop out on the interface during the game.
  5. Alien Spinvasion by Rival – 3D slot, made in a classic style and a little fun design. 5 reels and 50 paylines will be waiting for their players to place a bet on them. The maximum jackpot is 250 coins. In this slot you can get multiplayer, free spins, as well as other additional types of symbols that will add to the player more bonuses and privileges.

Each casino also provides its own additional types of bonuses, which can and should be spent on slots. The most basic and main promotion from all online casinos is the welcome bonus. Upon receiving this bonus, a player can receive free spins that need to be played on slots.

Where to play alien slots 

We decided to ease the situation for the players, and immediately picked up for you the top five online casino sites where you can play Alien Slots.

WinningRoom Casino 

The game portal, which has existed since 2010, and for ten years has earned a high-quality and good reputation. The casino is owned by Evoke Gaming Malta Ltd. Casinos, and the interface itself is available in several languages ​​- English, Finnish, Swedish, German and Norwegian. At the same time, the game portal has three licenses from different countries and several approvals from independent portals. The support service, which provides a hotline, live chat that works on certain hours, and also had questions with letters, also works perfectly on the site. There are several currencies that the game portal accepts, and about ten methods for making deposits and withdrawals.

Wild Vegas Casino 

A game portal that offers two thousand dollars withdrawal limit per week. The site offers only a few methods for withdrawing and conducting transactions, but a huge plus that covers all the disadvantages of the game portal is the huge number of games on the site, from RTG. This is a leading gaming provider that provides only the highest quality slots and games in high resolution. The site is licensed by Costa Rica. The game portal can be downloaded to your device. At the same time, play games and use the functions of the game portal in offline mode. Another advantage of the site will be that the game portal provides several hotlines by which you can turn to online managers for help.

Omnia Casino 

Game portal with a lot of methods for depositing and withdrawing money. Moreover, all money transfers take a maximum of two days. At the same time, about twenty well-known and popular providers provide games to the site. The only minus of the site will be its ban in many countries. The game portal itself was founded in 2017 and is owned by MT SecureTrade Limited Casinos. The interface is available in six different languages, including German and Japanese. For convenience, the time spent on the site for players is offered to make deposits and other cash transactions in several currencies. The game portal fully supports the mobile version and automatically adjusts to the screen resolution.

Cool Cat Casino 

A casino that offers a wide variety of bonuses that will make your game even more interesting and exciting. A generous welcome bonus, as well as a boring VIP system, which will additionally give players free spins and points for playing their favorite slots. Four types of methods for carrying out monetary operations. The site provides an opportunity to play games from one of the leading manufacturers of RTG. All games are conveniently divided into convenient categories, so the games on the site can be found using the search engine, simply by specifying the name of the game. The site accepts dollars and is available in several languages, including Italian, Spanish and English of course.

888 Casino 

One of the few portals, and probably the only one of those that we indicated above that has received approval from eCOGRA. This is an independent program that evaluates and independently decides whether the portal is safe to play on it. Also one of the oldest and most experienced gaming portals, which has existed since 1997. For all this time, the site has learned to correctly and correctly solve the problems associated with the game with gamblers, so this portal can certainly be considered reliable and tested. The casino even provides games of its own design, which also adds credibility to it. A huge number of ways to carry out transactions available in completely different countries. As for the limits, the casino makes it possible to withdraw from the site up to thirty thousand US dollars per month. Moreover, the longest time it takes to withdraw money from the site is 5 working days. Several languages ​​in which the interface is available, and three high-quality licenses. Here you definitely will not be left without support.

Play alien slots on your mobile 

When we said that we would tell you how it is most convenient to play games from casino sites, we had in mind this particular hack. It is most convenient and pleasant to actually play all gambling and use the services of a casino in general. Now we will explain why this is so and what privileges this gives the players.

  •  Firstly, some of the online portals that you have listed for you support a version for downloading to your device. And this means that now all you need is just a convenient place to play, where the player can sit down and calmly enjoy their favorite games.
  • It is fast and convenient. Especially if the player has the EasyPay function connected to the device. Then the player will be able to conduct any monetary transaction literally with one touch of a fingerprint. No need to enter card numbers and remember your bank passwords. Everything happens quickly and easily.
  • The quality of the slots themselves, as well as the functions of the casino, do not lose their quality and appearance. On the contrary, everything adjusts as conveniently as possible to the resolution of your screen. At the same time, the picture and quality are not distorted.
  • The mobile version of any casino is available in any browser convenient for you. So, it doesn’t matter if you have opera or chrome. It also does not matter what operating system is on your portable device. It can be android, iOS, or any other operating system.
  • And of course it’s convenience. Now you can play even while in line or waiting for an appointment with the doctor. The whole gameplay takes place in just a couple of touches anywhere convenient for you.

Responsible gaming 

Before you start playing alien slots that interest you from all of the above, we would like to warn you that gambling can be addictive in almost 80% of cases. We warn you about this, our dear gambler, we, as well as the casino sites that we have indicated for you above. In this regard, several types of limits and restrictions were developed under which the player independently decides how much time to devote to the site and how much money. So, we give an example of the most basic types of limits and examples of how to use them correctly:

  • Time limits. It can be limits that a player sets for a certain number of hours per day, or maybe a certain number of hours per week. The bottom line is that the player himself decides how much time he will spend on the site, and after this time, he will receive a notification that his time is up and the game on the site is no longer available.
  • Limits for losing. Similarly, in your account there is an opportunity to set limits on how much a player can lose. That is, after the gambler loses a certain amount of money, the game on the site, just like in the previous paragraph, will be unavailable.
  • Break or self-exclusion. When the above types of limits are no longer relevant or do not bring the desired result, periods of self-exclusion or, as they are also called, breaks are used. Breaks can be set for several months, and self-exclusion is available in lines for six months. In this case, all the achievements of the player on his account will be saved. But he will be completely refused a game on any of the game portals owned by the company owning the game portal on which the player has set restrictions.

At the same time, do not forget that all games on game portals are created exclusively for entertainment, and the main goal should not be cash winnings or something like that. Play wisely!


Alien slots are now at the peak of their popularity, and it is especially cool when there are slots in collaborations with other more diverse themes and styles. When choosing a suitable slot, always check the following things:

  • Where is the license of the game. The license directly depends on the game provider. The better and better the license, the less doubt that the slot is safe for playing and will be available in many countries. In addition, this is a direct indicator of how safe and reliable the slot is for the game.
  • Pay attention to RTP. The higher the percentage of RTP, the higher and greater the chance that the slot will bring you a win. This percentage shows how likely it is to return to you after you make a bet.
  • Distribute bets correctly. Do not put everything at once on the same slot. Try a new one and do not forget to try to bet on a progressive slot, which is also very interesting.
  • Choose slots with more paylines. The more paylines, the higher the chance to win something. The principle is the same as with RTP.
  • Be sure to familiarize yourself with the beginning instructions and a description of how the slot works and by what principle the player can win. And may luck always be on your side !