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Play casino magic slots today

Slots magic on online casino 

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Play casino magic slots today 

Do you believe in magic and in your childhood loved Harry Potter movies?  Do you like everything related to magic, but is it difficult to find games related to this topic?  Then this is a review especially for you.  In this article we have collected all the useful information on the topic of magic casinos.

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 On the Internet, there is now a huge number of game portals in which there are even more slots.  On one casino site you can find more than six hundred different slots.  All of them are done in different categories, depending on their subject, technical specifications and more.  Below we will tell you by what criteria you can distinguish each of them and which are best for beginners and which will win the heart of real gaming pros.

 Initially, Slots is a simple machine game that is present in any casino.  It is not necessary to have any gaming experience in order to hit the jackpot in a regular slot.  The rules of the game are simple and understandable all: the player bets on the winning line in the casino, and then he just has to click on Spin.  The rest is up to Mother Fortune.

 There are a large number of different slots on the gambling market.  All on different topics.  Now we will understand how magic online games look on different game portals.  How to choose the best online game, on which game portal and on what grounds Slots are distinguished.

Slots magic on online casino 

Each game portal presents its own games.  Some work with only one game provider, and only certain online entertainment can be found on the site.  And others offer an extensive gaming assortment, and each game is divided into a special category for it.  Here we have specially gathered for you several options for game portals where you can spend time with pleasure and enjoy those same magical games.

RedFlush Casino 

Can you imagine a casino in which there are a huge number of deposit methods and as many ways to withdraw money from your account?  Or a gaming site that has a large number of licenses and approvals?  Now you do not need to keep all this in imagination.  We present a game account in which it is absolutely safe, reliable and comfortable to play, place bets and enjoy good development quality.  This gaming portal collaborates with more than twenty gaming providers that update their range of games every month.  The portal is licensed by eCOGRA.  This is a special system that takes care of a safe game, and the absence of fraud on the site.  The site has live chat.  The year of creation of the portal 2008. And that means the casino is already quite experienced and safe to play on it.

CoolCat Casino 

A game portal where a cat in a funny hat will meet you and takes you to the world of gambling.  When we said that there are game portals that cooperate with only one gaming software, this is just the case.  The site collaborates with an RTG provider.  As for the license and security on the site, you can be sure of that.  The casino has received approval from a platform like TST.  At the same time, it is worth saying that the site received a license and encouragement due to its excellent support service.  The site has a round-the-clock live chat, where the player can ask short questions and get a quick answer.  If the gambler has any complaint or his question requires a detailed explanation, then the email address will help him, by which he can also be explained in detail to everyone.  If the client’s question is quite ordinary, he will be able to find a solution and answer in the frequently asked questions section, which contains all the short information about organizational and technical issues.

Inter Casino 

We present to your attention a casino that has been on the gambling market since 1996 and is one of the oldest and most experienced gaming portals.  If the previous casino provided excellent support for its customers, then this gaming portal cooperates with a huge number of softwares.  Wallpaper is not surprising, because for such a long time the site has gathered around itself a large number of partners and several branches.

 The site is fully tailored for the mobile version.  If you are a fan of playing through a tablet or mobile phone, then this is exactly what you need.  The site automatically adjusts to the screen resolution.  All games and Slots follow suit.  The functions of the game portal do not change and remain the same.  Live chat and support services also work in mobile mode.  You can place bets and withdraw money from your account without any problems.  Therefore, we strongly recommend that you try to play mobile games at least once from a mobile device.  The portal is especially popular in Canada.

Play Royal Casino 

Search for games by their categories is no longer a dream.  On this gaming site you can simply select the category of provider that interests you and find what you want.  You can also search for games by their categories.  For example, here you can find several sections such as Table games, Slots and the rest.  You can also sort the entertainment by the latest arrivals and favorites.

 When choosing a casino, it is very important to pay attention to its license.  This site has a license owned by Malta.  The game portal has a live chat around the clock where the player can ask a question live and the client can always ask for help with a letter to the support email.  You can find all this and more on the Royal Casino website.  The site is available for game in New Zealand.

About magic slot machines in common 

As we said, all Slots vary and are completely different.  The very first and simplest slot machines did not perform many functions and were not so interesting for players since they did not provide many functions.  If earlier the first gaming Slots accepted the minimum number of coins and gave out a maximum jackpot twice, but now they have evolved into real story films.

For classic lover 

Over time, the classic Slots have evolved, and now become even more exciting.  Many players still prefer such games because they value the classics in the form in which it was once.  Magic Slots are no exception, and you can probably find several of these in the magic style.

 The main distinguishing feature of these is that the interface has only three or five reels and the same number of pay lines.  The player can bet on any of them.  And then he just has to click on the Spin button.  The standard characters in these games are numbers or cherries.  Everything is like in the good old classics.

Bonus Slots 

A category of slots that provide additional features for a larger win.  This is the kind of game that makes it possible to get additional bonuses and free spins from the symbols on the interface.  Do not forget that each casino offers its players a welcome bonus in the quality of which can be winnings or the same free spins.  They can and should also be spent on your favorite magical Slots.  Often, no bonus codes are required.

Games with Storyline 

Main characters of our review are an online magic slot machines.  And it is best to attribute such games to thematic ones, or to those that have a plot.  Most often, these are games based on the plot of a film or cartoon.  Magic online games is just the same entertainment that allows the player to move into a magical world with bright colors, magic fairies and kings.  Therefore, further we will consider with you the top 5 magic weel slots in 2021.

Top magic Wheel slots 

These Slots are distinguished from the rest by their fabulousness and magical atmosphere.  Here, when creating, we used the most vivid colors and lively animations.  Most often, here you can even find the slot made using 3D animation.  Therefore, here is the information about those magic pearls of the game world that we have selected for you.

  1.  Unicorn Magic by Novomatic is a quality Slot from one of the leading manufacturers.  The maximum jackpot amount that can be obtained from this game is 1,500 euros.  And the gambler himself can bet on 9 paylines.  In this game you are waiting for symbols in the form of magical creatures, castles and gnomes.  And the Slots that will increase your winnings fall out almost every rotation.
  2.  African Magic – who says magic games are just unicorns and fairies?  What about African voodoo magic?  Mysterious and mysterious sorcerers from the cradle of humanity in the images of the symbol as well as ancient signs and codes.  Here already the number of paylines exceeds 20, and specifically, there are already 25 of them. Place bets on any and spin the drum.
  3.  Magic Charms by Microgaming – and of course, the leading company for the development of video slots could not remain indifferent and also created a game with magical overtones.  You will be shocked, but the magic is really present here, otherwise how will it explain that the game has 247 paylines?  We forgot to add that the more paylines, the higher the chance that a player will hit the jackpot.  It all depends on your magic bet.
  4.  Vegas Magic is a casino-style game in Vegas from seasoned with magic.  Here, all the characters are highlighted in a certain color that adds mystery to the game.  Other symbols in the game are in the form of a tiger jumping through a burning ring and a white dove.  Here you are also waiting for the magician, the symbol with which is responsible for doubling your bid.  As a result, we have 20 paylines and 96% RTP.
  5.  Rainforest Magic by Play’n Go – about Slots with standard magic we talked about African shamans too.  Now it’s the turn of tropical magic.  This game provider does not specialize in slots, but this one is worth attention.  With the number of paylines of 25 and RTP of 96%, this game has become very attractive for both new players and experienced ones.  Therefore, we strongly recommend that you try playing it and enjoy the excellent graphics and vibrant colors of the jungle.

Play Responsibly 

Now, after we recited and told you about the most interesting magic online Slots, we want to warn you that all games are available only from eighteen years old.  Each casino is seriously responsible for each of its players.  Therefore, in order to avoid any problems with gambling addiction, many gaming portals have provided a system of limits and restrictions that contribute to solving the problem in the initial stages.

  •  First, the most important point is that the player can understand for himself how much money he is willing to spend on games.  When the decision is pleasantly final, you can set limits on the rate and deposits.  The site will simply notify you when the limit is exceeded.  The same goes for time.  If you have clearly decided that you do not want to spend more than an hour on the site, then you can simply set yourself an option for an alarm clock that will also remind you of the expiration of time.
  •  The second and more serious option is if the player decides to take a break from playing on the site.  Such breaks can be set for a couple of months or for the weather.  During this time, all the player’s assets are saved and then easily restored.


If you are reading this point, then you are a real dreamer who lacks more knowledge about magic online slots on casino sites.  A nice bonus that we forgot to mention is that all Slots are available for playing in the demo version, which means you can try out the game in them without making real cash bets.  When you decide on the game, then rather make a deposit and start winning now!